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All the ideas, attitudes, and themes behind making a unique statement in a performing arts artistic medium, with all the materials which are used, tending towards beauty or ugliness in life through art is a life of arts therapy. The artistic struggles of life as artists have already been portrayed by the life of artists, accounting for artists, and relationships with others. On the more monetary side of making a living from art too. Finding deeper meaning in popular art culture and general artsy audio visuals of days gone by. Plus the state of the world today for performers is in the interests of an art world audience. The internet life of artists is every artist's greatest achievement in the modern world's digital performing arts archive today and tomorrow.

The ultimate importance and inviolability of a frankly rapper that verily represents with a community of prospects reaching on the independent emerging mixed-media is the first and foremost life in arts therapy fulfilling the therapeutic purpose of the adult learning experience. 

The sanctity of Rap & Hip-Hop is in a rapper's ability to keep it real and keep making it happen, note without ablation to props, big up Canadian rap artist Vinny Rebel for the quotable, all with what’s in the lyrics and the music to creating REAL Hip-Hop. The truth of this is something sanctified and with that there’s MCSFUK. 

A combined form from my teens that was the actual deformer by default of original scheming. 

Social Alienation & Stress 

Why deform a word you hate to make it transformative? 

Because synonyms and antonyms can create the wrong impression either way and they alter the state of meaning to distort words or phrases that have much in common with the use of their intended definition, it also causes it to have an unnatural result if misunderstood so that the word or phrase hasn't changed its meaning when it is attempting to. Changing the form of an expression that is a statement is a convenient way to flip a meaning's definition to emphasise defining certain transformations of sets of words be they slang words or associated with criminality. Trends in vocabulary are conventional and unconventional when they take the condition of the term and transform it by deforming it so it can be used in a positive way instead of negative. For how a word sounds for instance in a contemporary education that is street wise the entrapment of feelings due to how it sounds is off-putting as you identify the spoken words with self-imposed alienation, ETC. by stress alone, one can reshape the meaning of a word or phrase they dislike to become misshapen because something you have learned to be unpleasant is something not ignore but be cautious of, ignorance of the superficial is of an intelligence model that designs the protest example as a reverse rearrangement of injustice for the sake of protagonist.

Morality is an afflicted with extra-economic differences of indifference and dispossessed by historical regimes of food, fucking and fighting for more or less the same thing with and without a legal basis while some sort of racial subjectivity identifies with what seems like objective facts about sovereignty attempting to be consistent with liberty and situations inconsistencies. Neutrality disrupts as pales of outcomes that go beyond remains the chaos of disobedience and its disrespect which is disenfranchising plus demoralising due to being marginalised by those discomfiting lot among what is disinheriting. The abnormal is fundamental to the norm and although it is unnatural to be plagued by real-world concepts and illusions, the power jokes and power games continue to leave peeps' minds scammed, and deliriums idiots are over-confident for the money and love as they chance history all over again. It is the weakest of the brave that are deliberately neglected for the sake of abuse and the actors were given to emotions so much they like to hide their true feelings at times unless in the same company of race, gender and class that have subjugated race, gender and class with more than just negative regard like bullies and liars. If the policy of insurance when commissioning practical and impractical trends that make life more constitutionally correct and incorrect in the impoverished vulnerabilities of the more noticeably important rules that are rigged to fail and improved laws full of misconduct double standards cover the expense and expense of incomes disparities and taxes participating in measures of health, education and work can matter more than being illegally irresponsible by putting behaviour and speech at a disadvantage for the challenge of punishment that is not only possible but probable in the first place like any rage is for instance, formally or informally in first second and third person acts of imperative mood and deviance. The transformative that deform hatred are impactful fears and all unreasonable bleeding hearts that are ideologies of any mainstream product services will negotiate internalised and externalised liberalism, conservatism, libertarianism and populism of a serious society and the fringe of that, too that is the injustices of fallacy and the triumphs of logic against the wrong arguments. Perceptions that are thoughtfully ungrateful in the most basic human instincts of thinking take thoughts for granted as much as some do in their actions and beliefs.

My spot has had its moments and has been in a seriously critical state via a not so distant situation in 2020, but right at the moment the difference still needs the same decrease and that decrease needs to be applied properly instead of improperly.

The incumbent vs incentive plus any corruption of either vice-versa leaves me to think upon the usual input of every target source that's incomparable flags, as ever, of allowed to work with plus an emergent physical condition that's seriously deformed language from the get-go.

Politics and law are what such serious errors are used for but when inactive their system fails. 

The directly funny attempts of being an open fable of truth tests that’s a twisted style are dead and in being more lyrically visual as the orphan artist with performative meaning like no other my ways truth of bluffs fibs falls on the false rules of natures manner that is over for being the problems of lying concepts I wanna deform with my elite transformative of separation broadcasted. — feeling focused with Frank Banes at Sincere Community Rappers, Singers, DJs, Producers & Dancers Commentary.

The performing artist is a representative and proprietor of team brand SINCERE COMMUNITY. An innovative digital small business that's a publisher of media micro-enterprises. Our model is designed for the eclectic minority that has spent 35 years growing up as an audience exposed to the rap movements and hip-hop culture.

My SoundClick provides for some people's interests a wide selection and variety of adult audience media content product-for-product by way of life's low struggles that avail in the self-law of experience and knowledge that's a life in God. The performing artist suggests that parents should direct the execution of their children's online activities and use parental control tools to make an appropriate on-line environment. To help regulate the focus of its information the performer admires privacy issues.

WORDS FROM THE PERFORMING ARTIST --- "About My (SPURIOUS) and or FOLS, a way that is a lexical standpoint of logical condition. I do it for a truth effect that's the honesty and truth of something false. Its questions seem to have no clear knowledge of the truth whilst also seeming rhetorical. It tests the falsity of issues that are incorrect and modifies the correct to be Spurious. There's an emphasis on a subject matter concerning falsehood and distorted statements that are topical deceptions plus differing claims that define identities roles and status. The honest falsity of its namesake spoken truth is the very frankly policy of the sincerity clause in keeping with being free of deceit and untruthfulness in general as my nature acts on transparency.”

The truth of something false in name, style and skill is a lyrical technique adopted and performed by FRANK_UK also known as SPURIOUS. This artistic name SPURIOUS in a combined form, such as MCSFUK is and has been franked artistic reproach that attempts to make a sincere performance from its creative nature controlled by the performing arts of FRANK_UK.

#MCSFUK Master of Creations SPURIOUS FRANK United Kingdom - A Combined Form

Frank Malcolm Kembery and or Frank Banes is MCSFUK. Although the combo is taken separately like each and available as solo performances too. Frank has other artistic names that deliver variations to his basic frankly approach and this is his general theme.

Sincere and direct manner to emphasize the truth of a statement, however unpalatable sounding or shocking it may seem.

As if my head turns into guns, tanks and or bombs ETC. The notion is asinine in all honesty and reality. For how I lyrically endeavour to defend myself whilst I slang it out and express an attitude that’s ill is ridiculous. My skin paradox is absurd for real at times plus part and parcel of the general humanitarian challenge.

Art is unconstrained in its efforts to inveigh against subject matter whilst having realistic boundaries that allow for artistic comparisons to be made in performance lyrics and other mediums. Freedom to express oneself without being blocked is paramount and special within its peculiarity, as well as, bravery. 

The imagery of colours and forms are the very preceptors of any user's perceptions. An M.C's ability to make a listener think, feel and be entertained in the act of escapism is a far-reaching testament to an enriching way of performing arts. 

My self-defence mechanism is a rule arbitrarily put to use. Frankly, I'm no gangster just a militant social rebel with a cause to be my artistic hero on the mic. 

"Muzzle Mouth" and or "Gun Head" seems fairly alarming but hopefully you will find this post disarming and understandable. Fighting talks arguments is better without calamities and disastrous impracticalities. Indifferentism is indifference but it is also the belief that differences in religious beliefs are of no importance. In this article trouble-making opinion in turn starts to offend some obligators of the faiths. To make matters worse being indifferent to others' beliefs in a disrespectful manner can lead to many battlegrounds. 

The FRANK_UK version of, 108, doesn't understate nor underplay the cultural beast of modern-day society and those anathematize. Evil and hatred are by far the most significant life issues one can associate with suffering and redemption from oppressive image exploits that are promoted by the corrupt. Should it all cease from the greatest act of war retaliation possible... However, this product is still in production and is the only album format that I have struggled to complete to my satisfaction since I was 18 years old in 1994. Maybe I will achieve my goal sooner rather than later in the step of how life in my home world can too.



As proprietor of Sincere and a performing artist at Sincere. I won't adapt my asking paradox that inveighs metaphorically via analogy and frankly names to achieve painting a healthier understanding of peace and love when there’s no need to. One must appreciate the difference FRANK_UK attempts to make in all verses and hooks of any appellations debuting instinct that's always "Muzzle Mouth" and or "Gunhead" in basic theme; no matter the lyrical style and skills variations by way of artistic name, “Skeng” is to accept and admit. That the Performance art more often than not meets the requirements of the absurd and or a ridiculous ill humanitarian challenge to toleration's limit when inveighing against opposing opposition. Frank's decent and explicit material had developed into many concept media products by way of three artistic names ETC. that addressed his thoughts and feelings in an open agenda of lyricism that is the truth of anything frankly expressed towards his stance upon matters and others plus whatever topics and or subjects. I arbitrarily represent in my artistic material to give an appropriate attitude to that of a PEACEKEEPING for instance and or being a PLAYER HATER of Gangster Rap (P.A.G. "Players Against Gangsters"). All extreme persons promoting war against me, myself and I by expressing willful destruction of all or any mortal life held dear to my heart is deemed evil, unlawful and wrong or just inept of form.

SINCERE is heavily drug-related music and as Frank Malcolm Kembery has had a wealth of life experience as an addict (Criminal) and recovering addict that’s also a protocol detox therapist with a fevered slant that shares in a more popularised world view based firmly with its roots in nature and what is natural. It’s likely that if you understand Rap and Hip-Hop well enough you’d know that there’s slang in the lyrical content that contextualises self-imagery and or persona. Gives more edge in the wordplay by way of making comparisons which is grittier in its general grind. Sincere is a way of life, a philosophy and a moralist approach that’s mostly asymmetrical except for the I which’s symmetrical.

Anyhow, I spell SINCERE — B.E.C.O.M.E.S.

An exert from...

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1995 what a year. I was barely 20 years old and still trying to sort my shit out. I had been in a few bands since 1991. I had a lot of freestyles but I found myself rhyming BS. I was madly and deeply into PUBLIC ENEMY and EPMD (Redman and DAS EFX). Sure I liked Biggie Smalls and Big L plus Black Moon ETC. A lot of the music I had been making was with live instrumentation to breakbeats (scratches), an old analogue sampler without midi and some weird and wonderful bumpy samples here and there. I bought a lot of my rare groove records from the artisan quarter here in Bath. Smoking too much CHRON at the time and kept hurting myself on motorbikes and skateboards. 

Back then I was starting to create a couple of albums but only one was titled. The first untitled is about being adept and not inept as a rapper but hey I’m human. The other was 108 which I had been working on privately since 1994. 

I used to do a lot of music with Tom Smith’s older brother and an ex-band member Neil from my last live outfit in 94. Some collaborations later and I nearly had an album. About 9 of those songs are just for wicked 😎 — feeling nostalgic with Frank Banes at Sincere Community Deplyke-Hop.

Frankly, art is creative skills expressed in audio and visual mediums that can be explicit or decent. Art is either explicitly critical or decently critical and art, in either case, is known to be explicitly favourable or decently favourable. This is because art that expresses favourableness in it is the opposite of that of critical material. Favourable art would seem to suggest that the artist/s is expressing feelings of love and joy. Whereas critical material would seem to suggest that the artist/s is expressing hate and pain.

Art provides one with escapism which is the tendency to escape from daily reality or routine by indulging in one's imagination, fantasy or entertainment. Creating suitable material for one to escape to can be created from a big variety of artistic options. One could choose any theme to create and art is not limited to being one medium.

I think art is fundamentally and exclusively negative or positive. It provides one with mental diversions from the current ills of Earth's societies and states of being. Art has grown extensively over the centuries worldwide offering art lovers more cultural diversity in their art collections which points out the cultural differences that exist between people, such as language, dress and traditions. 

Creativity and change go together like a combined form. Creativity brings change and creates creative development. Creativity is a phenomenon explained by one's originality, expressions, and imagination. It brings about change in business and life. Change is an essential expression of creativity and is associated with joy or pain. 

Defining creativity

My participation in 33rd patrol group show and passing the Entertainers Badge APRIL 23rd 1988

Thinking about my Rap & Hip-Hop music and just how in-depth my scenarios analogy is for its general ideation of disambiguated content-addressable structure. I keep the root source of the principle concerns dimensions and dynamics forming as freely as possible via associative creativity that's a subtle state of complex interferences. Sometimes the process is lengthy and or sort of half-formed, to begin with. Other times it's simply quick and dirty like my concentrations rough and ready. Now and then a product or song even will inspire another song and or product that adds flexibility and versatility to my repertoire. It's the mind's actualization of potentiality attempting to disentangle the relevant from the irrelevant at times plus define influence and circumstance beyond aspects of itself and others. Whilst solving the opposed phrases of problems like extra mental hijacking and extra material hijacking issues that may or may not seem hidden with meaning too and or the cause of troubles collapsed thought. Some games can kind of immerse the style and skill in the concrete plus the abstract along with the lore of its objectivity and subjectivity. Interpreting shades with acceptance and evoking shades by admittance for meaningful shades of my frank arts and its experiences with nature. Albeit that it lived through the ensuing low struggles of life in a suggestive world full of all known possibilities of shades. All formed in a developing and adept identity paradox that has a conceptual and contextual framework for adaptive understanding.

As a Christian and a rapper, I have drawn the majority of my artistic material from the brilliance of the Psalms. My timely ideas are reasoned on being mentally stimulated by the Psalms to do something creative that has a founding philosophy that’s a logical approach to form the interests of a listener's judgment. I do this by the ability of my mind thinking and hopefully, I am understood for the things I Rap about in a logical way that’s open, honest, and of a direct manner no matter how unpalatable the subjects or topical issues might be. Being straightforward like this takes extra care with the support of sincerity’s brand role and status to emphasise the general attention to detail that shows my musical corpus of spiritual growth and creative strength.

Psalms is a book of the Bible comprising a collection of religious verses, sung or recited in both Jewish and Christian worship. The Psalms are traditionally divided into five “books,” possibly to reflect the five books of the Torah — Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.

Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer. (Psalms 19:14)

Different definitions exist for the terms creative, creativity, and creation. If one was to examine all three of my artistic names and note them in their context of illness one would know that all three are so revealing in nature quite frankly. They also reflect the nature of their creator and the primary process of the creator's thinking. Creativity can be a single process or divided into different types. My everyday creativity I define as adaptively original and an adaptation to realities. According to major creativity, there are changes to the conceptual framework. Minor creativity, however, is all about existing strategies put into new pieces of work. The rational search for the new truth is today’s new audience and suits those that focus on art. There are four dimensions to creativity: creativity as a product, creativity as a capacity, creativity as a process, and creativity as an aspect of the total person. Creativity is also in the ears, eyes and minds of the beholders, however, one may justify another's art with the appellation is. The judgments of one's kind are yet another level to the decisions of being called creative or not. The material prosperity of art and its glamour fades and dies, and can be judged in the future as frankly vapid or special.

I am a proud father, and businessman and now celebrating being a cyber artist for a decade. So much is going on in my life presently and I have so many people online to thank for all the kind thoughts they have shared with me. Besides the "World Wide Web" this very place is non-stop chemical indices of creation that are creatures or beings if one likes. All such living minds have a soul which I believe is somewhere in this universe. Some souls are privative and stupid, disgusting and evil. Such beings always demonstrate the fact they have lived without a proper education in life whilst other beings are intelligent, pleasant and good. Life can be understood personally and collectively as it grows in each world that supports life. My entire natural life I have been exposed to being of physical injury & natural wear and tear due to 3 main causes of illness; invasion by micro organisms such as viruses (diseases); errors in my family's genetic makeup (Mental illness, Deformities, Disorders etc); exposure to external factors such as pollution, pollens, poor diet, drug abuse, alcohol abuse and the effects of unprotected sex. Living or existing is all-natural and can rise above all limitations to create a condition that is conducive to joy or pain. Hope, meaningfulness, importance, worth, principles, standards, love, respect, peace, equality, truth, health, help, friendship, understanding, learning and work is frankly the greatest creative achievements known to this very place.

All the ideas behind making a unique statement in an artistic piece of art with all the materials which are used tend towards beauty or ugliness in life through art. Artistic struggles of artists have been portrayed by life accounts of artists' relationships with others and on the more monetary side of making a living from art. To find deeper meaning in the popular and unpopular audio visuals of days gone by and the day today the internet is every artist's greatest archive.

The Artistic Illusion.

My art is illusionary with references to imaginary females, places and things. In the case of some audio-visual illusions, a rhyme would be illusionary as previously mentioned, yet, an image is three-dimensional but depicted as two-dimensional. I use illusions that will be accepted by the user to imply a realistic scene for any of my artistic names.

I try to evoke the user's perception of form with my audio-visual illusions without suggesting a literal meaning to the user. Whereas most art can be created to be illusionary when trying to depict reality or unreal forms of unreal realities, other art that creates illusions depicts the illusionary nature of art and perception.

Sometimes I refer to my pen and its ink as a woman in the stages of being paternal and as the ink is marking the paper thus the rhymes are being born. I also use my imaginary females in a way that makes them whores which I end up hating and then I lose control of my gun head and kill them, but, I resurrect them too.

The Laws & Creative Power of Frank Underscore United Kingdom

My artistic name "FRANK_UK" obeys my temperaments with spelling, punctuation and grammar. I prefer my material to be rough and ready and have no needs to improve it or straighten it out and finely tune it in any way. I like material that seems a little crooked. To me, material that takes no improvements is material of true genius. At first glance, my "M C S F U K" notes would probably seem off-putting if one had not checked out just "FRANK_UK" first. The underscore to my artistic name "FRANK_UK" is like an intellect because of how it is the cause and rule of things Frank in the United Kingdom. The underscore consists in the conformity of the thing/s to the intellect which may sound or be silent. For instance, the law of the underscore has the creative power to form into and sound like, "FUK" thus not pronouncing "underscore". The art of the underscore is frank when it conforms to the art of the underscore and the art of the underscore is metaphorical when it conforms to the art of the underscore. This of course is defined in Rap & Hip-Hop terminology as ILL which means that the art is obnoxious, weird and either dope or dog food. One example of the ill will of frank is right or GHL which means “Gun Head Laughter”. This artful reference to my head being a gun is ill and metaphorical, although, I really would like my head to be a gun or two which I could aim at stupid evil beings with the intent to unload bullets into and kill.

The laws of the underscore always make frank obey the art to the art itself, whether frank or metaphorical. Frank and the United Kingdom (UK) determine the order of things in conformity of being separated yet joined by the underscore. The use of my citizenship explains where the art has originated from and the rhymes vocabulary contains references to life in the United Kingdom.

Wisdom is a law of the underscore which helps frank to speak the truth because without purity, virtue and depth "FRANK_UK" is an empty artistic name. Like the ever-changing face of the Earth "FRANK_UK" continues to advance (GAMEPLAY), progress and develop the knowledge of self and others.

Expression is countless by way of times rhymes make use of the creative power of the underscore.

Much of what has already been mentioned applies to the artistic name Spurious although spurious means false and frankly the artistic name is honestly spurious in its approach and technique not much more than previous can be said about it. As for the combined form MCSFUK, well, the same applies and yes it is a concomitant style.

Since 1998 when I contacted the BBC radio for the first time in my life as a 22-year-old without being a registered performing artist, nor signed to a major label or independent. Also, no legal representation to begin with and no digital recording means only a handful of old analogue songs and freestyle mixtapes that go back as far as school and me being 14 years old. It never occurred to me beforehand nor at the time just how corrupt the corporate cult scumbags were (Governance too as well as the civil servants of the PUBLIC SECTOR). The BBC is in every region of the country in more ways than one... All the collusion and proliferation decade after decade before I was even born. All those poor families and how the police denied all surviving victims their rights as well as the murdered of it for so many years. I have never felt so ashamed at first to be one of the last to know the truth of 2012. Every little thing adds up and falls into place more clearly than ever nowadays. It's truly horrendous what's come to pass and sadly continues in more ways than one. My business is attempting to work within the public interest which has been infiltrated by the corrupt in every way of its way. In all honesty, I have sent nothing in terms of promotional press releases to radio one nor one extra for over ten years. I couldn't care less about the £70 per song played nor the couple hundred for a live session anymore. After all, the license fee payer the BBC that generates performers' royalties like any other license fee payer and happens to be in my home territory concerns me not as this truth concerns the corrupt (Trolls, unethical hackers, proxy trouble maker and all OTHER treasonous fools weak enough for the tyranny of corruptions vice, folly and depravity) more!!! — feeling emotional with Frank Banes.

What is an artist? 

I think an artist is words, music and images quite frankly... 

Why am I eclectic?

 Frankly, I prefer to derive ideas, styles and tastes from a broad and diverse range of artistic sources... 

What I love one might hate or prefer but…


Back in the day when I first wrote to Tim Westwood on BBC Radio 1. He was Mr Nice Guy getting back to me and advising me on what to do and who to speak to but making a point of not sending him unsolicited material. 

I sent Tim some more tapes and CDs plus rhymes and shorts that I wrote which resulted in a commercial dispute between my solicitor and Tim Westwood just after he got shot in London over extortion in 1999. 

I have been called a shit rapper before because I’m not black and because I’m not a gangster plus I am from Bath City so people think that I'm some posh kid — The beef over my unreturned artistic material that the BBC complaints service apologised for drags on even today and it’s not like it hasn’t been nearly 20 odd years since the day — Bare idiots don’t hear the truth of something false out of themselves when they wanna take a shit givers stance on why I can fuck off anyway. 

Just to top it off I seem to have been Facebook friends with BBC PIE trolls a few years ago — Mind wars, creepy gas from Hell and psychofon attacks!!!

The snoopers charter, criminal records (social media score) and BBC Human Resources — Exploring confidentiality and data protection for education, and employment. In some cases, conditional offers will not be made because the company may not have any data in the record. Assured terms and conditions are complex issues. It's also the reason Tim Westwood and his BBC Radio 1 production team plus all those liars for sex offending psychopaths have deliberately lost original artistic material belonging to me since 1999.

The delusional narcissists of the BBC (PIE) that are liars, sex offenders and murderers are so ignorant plus resentful in their spiteful pride-filled ambiguity to pursue their brainsick personal gains and advantages that they are ultimately irresponsible and irrationally vulnerable to being of their egos neglect and abuse whilst deeply lacking empathy. I figure they’re fanatically paranoid in their grandiose megalomania that’s incredibly perverse and sociopathic. They act sycophantic too and in an insecure and malignant way even if they tried to hide it at times so that they could get away with their serious crimes against the humanity of Britain. When I think of their neurotic jealousy and rage involved in their horrendous personality disorder I almost always feel kicked in the stomach with a scything blow to my guts. Also, I can’t help but think about all the lies they must have told that were also of their gossiping and is just like a kinda cruel and wrong test that looks for its desired outcome and it’s an actual effect like a communication determinant that’s obviously of its detriment plus my anger and disgust due to their use of Human Resources and Tim Westwood. 

Tim claims he has lost the material therefore it cannot be returned until found. Look over the evidence I have provided and waived the privileged information rights for yourselves.